by: MD

I killed my blog sometime ago. I felt it was no longer relevant. Like my opinion didn’t matter anymore as it used to be.

I went soul searching (gitu). But the longer I searched, the closer I got back to where it all started. I had forgotten that the very purpose of the blog was to speak my mind, to articulate matters. To put things into perspective. Not particularly for anyone else but for myself primarily.

But I got carried away with big issues that I left out the small ones. And then slowly it all went down the drain. I lost direction.

I learned that the small ones are the one that matters most—most of the time. Like doing the laundry. A small thing. But try missing it once too often and the stress accumulates, together with all other stress aside from the laundry that you missed out.

And by the time you realise you don’t have a clean jeans for tomorrow’s meeting, it’s too late. And everything crumbles.

So here I am. Back to square one. Hoping this new beginning will be more fruitful.


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