Proton Perdana (2016)-my opinion

by: MD

Ladies and gentlemen, the most awaited car of 2016 is finally out. The all-new Proton Perdana!

After a long wait and countless spy shots, the car was officially launched two days ago by none other than our Prime Minister himself. It’s been 7 long years since the first generation was released. The new Perdana is a heavily face lifted version of the 8th generation Honda Accord, and quite honestly it looks better than the present generation Accord.


First of all I would like to congratulate Proton for taking the bold decision to  revive the D-segment with a new generation model. I really hope the car would achieve it’s sales target of 500 cars per month.

Now, there are many complaints on the social media about the ‘all-new’ Proton Perdana and Proton cars in general. Well you don’t have to go far, just read the comments at Paul Tan’s Facebook page and you’ll know. Some of the comments are to me ‘acceptable’ but most are without fact and purely negative. I have to praise though, for they have been in many ways ‘supportive’ to Proton in their coverage.

Okey, now for the car itself. It’s a beautiful looking car no-doubt! Both front and rear looks fresh and superbly design. I know the rear diffuser looks a little awkward, I seriously felt the same at first sight. But as you begin to appreciate the car’s overall design aesthetics you’ll realized just how it matches. The 17-inch sport rims are also quite fitting with the look and feel of the car.


The side look of the car is obviously the 8th generation Honda Accord. Just for your information (in case you tak tahu), the Proton Perdana (2016) is actually built using the Accord platform, power-train and transmission. This is to me a very strategic decision made by Proton. Why? Because it’s not worth investing so much for a low-volume D-segment car. Unlike Iriz, which was built from scratch with a development cost of RM400million! Now just imagine if they have decided to build Perdana from scratch?

So exterior wise, the Perdana passed my expectation. Now let’s get into the interior. Well, one of the biggest let down of the cabin is that it looks very Hondaish. I know you gonna say, of course it is! Yelaa, but I was hoping for a more Proton-ish interior like the Preve and Iriz.

Okay, my biggest disappointment is the steering wheel. Just look at the Proton logo at the steering wheel. It looks empty! Where the hell is the silver 3D  Proton logo? Come on, this is a luxury car, adding the silver logo will surely make it stand out.


I have not yet tested the car. But based on journalists who had driven the car, the car felt like Honda and doesn’t drive like Proton. Yes, ladies and gentlemen if there is one thing you can be proud of Proton (I have a lot to be proud of) is their ride and handling, and that seems to be missing in this Perdana. The reason is probably because Proton was not given the right to make any changes in that area. In fact they were not allowed to change a lot of things. Strictly exterior changes only, I guess.

Well price wise, there has been a lot of complaints as well. Selling at just over 100k, many argue that it is only worth buying if sold around 80-90k. I do think the car is reasonably priced, however Proton should seriously consider giving more features  such as 6-airbags instead of the present 4 and electric power steering than hydraulic ones.

This car is suitable for those of you who just wants an affordable D-segment car, and doesn’t  fancy having high-tech features as a must.I know a lot of people today wants every damn new technology to be present in their car. This new Perdana is not such a car, but nevertheless it is perfect for those of you who goes for the basics: good looks, reliable engine and basic safety requirements.

So kudos to Proton, can’t wait for the release of the new Proton Saga and Persona.


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