Don’t follow your passion

Now this is interesting. Its unlike anything the society  have been telling us. But don’t be quick to judge though, watch the video till the end and you’ll get Mike Rowe’s point when he says don’t follow your passion.

To sum up Mike’s point, he says don’t follow your passion, keep it with you (by all means) but focus on or follow the opportunity instead. Because being passionate on something doesn’t necessarily translate into you having the skill or ability to do what you like. Heck, you might not be good at it at all. This is what he refers to as the dirty truth.

Of course one would argue, skills and talents takes time to develop. I agree, and if we go by the 10,000 hours rule of deliberate practice principle by Malcolm Gladwell, all of us can be good at things we are passionate about. It’s worth pursuing.

But let’s ponder on Mike’s view. If everyone is passionate on the same big thing, take singing for example, the fact is such industry is condensed with a lot of people aspiring to be a singers, hence narrowing one’s opportunity to actually shine.

So Mike’s idea is simple, why not keep the passion for singing, but look elsewhere into places where the mass don’t usually go and try to do just that, and become good at that. From a career point of view, this is much more viable and increases your chance of becoming successful. You can still pursue that passion for singing along the way.

I personally see this as a win-win situation, both for our heart and soul which wants to do what it wants to do and for a peace of mind, where we are realistic with life and live comfortably by making a decent living doing things that not many are not passionate about.

So keep your passion and follow the opportunity instead!


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