Becoming a good Muslim

Islam is a simple religion. But to become a good Muslim is not as easy as it may be. I’m a Muslim myself, a Muslim by birth. Ever since I achieved religious concieuaness (probably in my early 20s) I had never actually been a good Muslim and I can be sure of that. Waking up for Subuh has always been a problem, fasting without doing things that can disqualify the fast has been a problem, and obliging the daily prayers on-time without skipping is perhaps the most daunting of all.

And because it is not easy, I vehemently presume that heaven is an exclusive club for distinguished relegious members only. The rest, the likes of myself and possibly other moderate and liberal Muslims who believes MAS shouldn’t be banned from serving of alcohol in flight for instance, may find it difficult to gain such a high recognation.

Okey, that’s probably a far-fetched example. Of course the moderate and liberals are going to heaven as well because it is the iman and taqwa that counts in the end. But going back to my earlier examples that made me feel bad about my religiousness,springs an important question and perhaps the most ambigous one as well: what makes a good Muslim?

Think about it. Just a thought that came across my mind after unintentionally skipping subuh and feeling awfully bad about it.


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