Habits of original thinkers

Probably the most original person today I know of is Steve Jobs. But come to think of it his ideas are not all new or innovative. They are ideas that has been created before and used by others least popularly. Jobs is the kind of guy who waits and when the moment is right he is able to popularize a previous innovation into something more relevant and trendy.

Author Adam Grant talks about originality in this Ted-Talk.

“If you want to be more original, you need to generate more ideas”

Who are the originals?

  • They are non-conformist
  • People who have new ideas and takes action to champion them
  • They stand-up and speak-up
  • People you want to bet on

Recognizing an original person:

  • They are surprisingly slow in getting-off (whatever idea or plan). A lot of successful people such as Leonardo Da Vinci are procrastinators. Basically they are quick to start but slow to finish.
  • They are full of doubt and fear. The only difference is that they managed these doubt and fear differently. Idea-doubt and self-doubt is two different things. Self-doubt is negative, but idea-doubt puts you in a constant mode of improving your craft.
  • They have lots and lots of bad ideas. It it from these bad ideas that they found their jewel.



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