The First 90 Days: Introductory Review

I have just started reading this book The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins during my journey back to Johor.  Books related to business and management studies has always peaked my interest although it has nothing to do with my current status as a post-graduate.


In essence the book is about leaders (eg: managers, CEOs, and etc) adapting to a new a job or position and why it matters for them to fit-in within 90 days.

Your continued success within an organization is greatly affected by your performance during this critical career transition period. The author uses the term breakeven as the point at which new leaders have contributed as much value to their new organizations as they have consumed from it. In my own simpler definition breakeven is the ability for a leader to comfortably fit-in with less problems within a short span of time in a particular organization.

Based on research, the average breakeven point for many leaders is 6.2 months and this book is talking about accelerating the period to just 3 months. The author is aware that each job is unique and there can be no universal approach to fit-in in an organization. However the author believes that each organization may be different at the micro-level but are almost similar at the macro-level. The following are the 10 strategies outlined by the author in accelerating the breakeven point.


Since this is just an introductory review and I have not personally finish reading the book, it is highly recommended for readers to read this book themselves for a better understanding.


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