The Feynman Technique: Learn and understand better

by: MD

Richard Feynman is a Nobel Prize Winning Physicist and creator of the learning technique that we are discussing in this post.

Learning is often equated with memorization and although I believe memorization is necessary in some areas such as mathematical multiplication or historical dates and names, but memorization to me in general is not an effective learning method.

The Feynman technique is all about simplifying whatever you’ve learned into simple terms and being able to explained it without any doubt. If there is doubt in your explanation, it means you’ve not mastered the knowledge well. So one has to re-study and re-explain to oneself until it becomes crystal clear.

I have personally used this technique since high school although I wasn’t really aware of it at that time. It was something that came naturally to me after trying various other methods without any success. I’m happy to have bump into this learning method and would highly recommend people to give it a try if not already, because this is certainly an effective tool.


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