Proton-Geely Partnership

by: Md

The recent Proton-Geely partnership has strike both positive and negative interest alike.  For the critics, the acquisition of 49% of Proton share by the Chinese automaker is akin to Malaysia selling out itself to China. Critics are also saying that Geely is only interested in acquiring Lotus and that they will not be committed towards empowering Proton. We at MDlistic however, are more optimistic about the whole venture. For one, we are delighted that Proton is still 51% owned by DRB-Hiacom, a Malaysian company and similarly delighted that Lotus was not totally given away.  And despite the present government’s distasteful relationship with Proton founder Tun Dr. Mahathir, we believe the decision to partner with Geely was not entirely political but for the better good of the company itself. This partnership is no doubt a strategic one, as the national automaker gets access to Geely’s technologies and models such as the announced Buoyue SUV platform and more importantly the prospect of tapping into the bigger Chinese market. However, what remains a concern is just how this partnership would hold true. Will Proton get its much needed financial and technological support? Will Proton cars sell well in in the future Chinese market? Can Proton regain its loss market share? Let’s hope for the best.


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