Is religion evil?

 Is religion evil? Now that’s a tough question to swallow. To Professor Richard Dawkins, a famous atheist, religion has a great tendency to be evil but is not downright so. It tires me personally to engage with this question time and again because in the end I come to the same conclusion, that many of the world’s major religions that I know of do not condone extremism and are not evil. It becomes evil and extreme when certain followers misinterprets the religious text (mostly intentionally) for their own political and financial gain. And when such group gain publicity and influence they gain support from new followers who are either blinded by faith, poor or misguided. Some may argue that there are verses in the Quran that preaches violence. But such ‘violence’ mentioned are within certain context that are often disregarded and not discussed. For instance Islam does not teach its followers to go against people of other faith for no reason. The only time the religion demands its followers to act is when the religion is under serious threat. But even so, that does not translate to violence. If a dispute can be settled peacefully, Islam is more than willing to accept. But of course proving this point is though thanks to all the misinterpretation and Islamophobia. The only way we could view religion in its purity is to learn its fundamental principle and certainly not from merely seeing how it is practiced by the masses. There are but a few true followers of Islam who embodies the religion in their daily practice by its truest sense. This is true not only of Islam but of every religion.


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