Home for Raya 

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Home (as in your hometown) is a place to be on Hari Raya. Well at least temporarily. It is a form escapism from the hustle bustle of the worktown (let’s call it so) where a large portion of your life is spent. Home reminds you of who you were and that may or may not be something you want to revisit. But memories aside, being home never fails to eject ourselves of our accumulated burden, that have grown out of the increasing expectation and demanding world we are living in today. A good vacation may help clear the mind but none dumps the burden off the shoulder like being home. But make no mistake, home is no mere dumping site. It is a place filled with love that has the power to clear off any emotional debt. But as with anything in this world (except for data plans perhaps) , none can be subscribed unlimitedly. As the debt is cleared we yearned to be back to where we left. Because it is only when we are away from home that we could be functional.

But as for now, enjoy being home.

Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir batin from us at Mdlistic.


Kenyang yang melekakan

Ada sebab kenapa Nabi suruh kita berhenti sebelum kenyang. Dulu masa sekolah aku tak faham kenapa, tapi dewasa ini it makes sense.

Pernah tak kau dapat motivasi nak buat sesuatu, tak kisahlah nak buat kerja rumah ke, menulis ke, basuh baju ke, bersenam ke, tapi semua motivasi itu hancur sejurus lepas kau habis makan dan minum.

Kau mulai rasa bloated. Kau mula menguap. Mata jadi berat. Pemikiran yang pada asalnya mantap dan berarah kini hilang arah. Kau kini jadi someone else. Kau jadi malas.

Semua yang kau rancang nak buat tadi kini in jeopardy dan kau sendiri helpless. Apa yang mampu kau buat sekarang hanyalah benda ringan yang menyeronokkan seperti main game, dengar lagu atau mungkin tengok cite blue.

Ye, inilah penangan perut yang terlebih kenyang. Perut yang tidak berhenti sebelum kenyang. Mental dan emosi menjadi lemah. Mekanisme biologi dalam badan pula sedang gigih memproses dan menghadam makanan. Kau dah penat.

Apa yang boleh kau buat bila dah penat? Tak banyak. Kalau paksa diri buat pun amatlah slow progressnya dan rasa kerja yang dibuat ntah apa-apa je.

Jadi moralnya, kalau nak lebih productive, jagalah makan minum. Ingatlah perut perlu diisi dengan 3 pekara iaitu udara, makanan, air semuanya dalam ratio 1:1:1.

Ni bukan tazkirah. Ni hanya cakap-cakap, kot kau tak faham kenapa kau tak productive kadang-kadang.


by: MD

I killed my blog sometime ago. I felt it was no longer relevant. Like my opinion didn’t matter anymore as it used to be.

I went soul searching (gitu). But the longer I searched, the closer I got back to where it all started. I had forgotten that the very purpose of the blog was to speak my mind, to articulate matters. To put things into perspective. Not particularly for anyone else but for myself primarily.

But I got carried away with big issues that I left out the small ones. And then slowly it all went down the drain. I lost direction.

I learned that the small ones are the one that matters most—most of the time. Like doing the laundry. A small thing. But try missing it once too often and the stress accumulates, together with all other stress aside from the laundry that you missed out.

And by the time you realise you don’t have a clean jeans for tomorrow’s meeting, it’s too late. And everything crumbles.

So here I am. Back to square one. Hoping this new beginning will be more fruitful.